Party leaders of the United States House of Representatives

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The Party Leaders of the United States House of Representatives, also known as floor leaders, are the members of the caucuses who lead their party in the House. Currently, it is as follows:

Floor Leaders of the House of Representatives
Position Incumbent Elected/Appointed
House Majority Leader ItsZippy23 January 27th, 2021
House Majority Whip Aikex January 28th, 2021
House Minority Leader iThinkThereforeiFlam January 27th, 2021
House Minority Whip blockdenied January 28th, 2021

House Majority Leader

The House Majority Leader, who is currently Democrat ItsZippy23, is mainly responsible for the running of the caucus in regards to committee and scheduling, however, the House rules leave the position open to interpretation.

House Minority Leader

The Minority leader, who is currently Republican iThinkThereforeIFlam, is the minority's equivalent of the Speaker and Minority leader. They are in charge of organizing the house committees for the minority, as well as stand as their nominee for Speaker.


The minority and the majority both have a whip system. The main whips are decided upon by the majority and minority whips. The current majority whip is Democrat Aikex. Republican blockdenied is the minority whip.