May 2021 United States Senate elections

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September 2020 United States Senate election

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  Majority party Minority party
  Jacob Frey at Nicollet Mall reopening 2017-11-16 - 1.jpg DDYT cropped.png
Leader Cubascastrodistrict DDYT
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat Fremont Superior (lost re-election)
Seats before 5 5
Seats won 6 4
Seat change Increase 1 Decrease 1
Popular vote 76,495,722 62,309,641
Percentage 54.39% 45.27%

Majority Leader before election


Elected Majority Leader


The May 2021 United States Senate elections took place on May 20th, 2021 as part of the May 2021 United States elections, to elect 5 members of the United States Senate. Heading into the elections, the Republican Party, led by DDYT of Superior, held the majority in a tied Senate due to Vice President SELDOM237's tie breaking vote. The minority party, the Democratic Party, led by Cubascastrodistrict of Fremont, needed one gain to control the chamber. With gains in Atlantic and Superior, despite losing the seat in Fremont, the Democrats controlled the chamber.

Partisan composition[edit | edit source]

Parties Total
Democratic Republican
Last election (January 2021) 5 5 10
Before these elections 5 5 10
Not up 2 3 5
Class 1 ( January 2021→August 2021) 2 3 5
Up 3 2 5
Class 3 (2020[non-canon]→May 2021) 3 2 5
Special 0 0 0
General election
Incumbent retiring 1 0 1
Incumbent running 2 2 4

Atlantic Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

Incumbent Republican Gunnz011 seeked re-election, ran against Democratic House Majority Leader and Representative for the first district ItsZippy23. Zippy won 54%-46%, due to strong margins in the first and third congressional districts.

Dixie[edit | edit source]

Senator Tripplyons18 was elected as Governor of Dixie and appointed then-assemblyman alpal2214 to his senate seat, who seeked re-election. He was challenged by Republican House Minority Leader and Representative for the second district iThinkThereforeIFlam, who was defeated by Tripp in the gubernatorial election.

Senator Alpal won election to a full term, narrowly defeating Flam 51%-49%.

Fremont[edit | edit source]

Incumbent Democrat darthholo resigned to run for the third district. Democratic representative for the third district NeatSaucer ran against Republican state legislator RMSteve.

RMSteve won 54%-46%, marking the first statewide win for a Republican since the formation of the superstates.

Greater Appalachia[edit | edit source]

Incumbent Democrat polkadot48 seeked re-election, ran against Dixie Assemblywoman lily-irl.

Polkadot won re-election 74%-26%, the largest margin of a statewide victory since the formation of the super states, and one of the largest margins of victory in Senate history.

Superior[edit | edit source]

Incumbent Republican Senate Majority Leader DDYT seeked re-election, and was challenged by Democratic Representative for the 3rd district Entrapta12.

Entrapta won 52%-48%, becoming the first person to flip the seat of the Senate Majority Leader since 2004.