March 2021 United States elections

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Elections occurred in the United States on March 24th, 2021, to elect members of state legislatures and to elect the governors of Dixie, Greater Appalachia, and Superior, and the lieutenant governors of Dixie, Greater Appalachia, and Superior.

Nationally, the Democratic Party won a landslide, winning every governor and lieutenant governors race (and subsequently controlling every state executive besides Atlantic), and won control of every state legislature besides Dixie.

National Overview

Gubernatorial Elections

Governorship Previous control Result
Atlantic (not up) Republican Republican
Dixie Republican Democratic
Greater Appalachia Green Democratic
Fremont (not up) Democratic Democratic
Superior Civics People's Democratic

Lieutenant Governor Elections

Lieutenant Governorship Previous control Result
Atlantic (not up) Civics People's Civics People's
Dixie Republican Democratic
Greater Appalachia Democratic Democratic
Fremont (not up) Democratic Democratic
Superior Vacant Democratic

Assembly elections

Assembly Previous control Result
Atlantic Democratic Democratic
Greater Appalachia No Overall Control Democratic
Dixie No Overall Control No Overall Control
Superior Democratic Democratic
Fremont Democratic Democratic



The Atlantic Democrats held their assembly majority, with a sweep of all three congressional districts.



In the Dixie gubernatorial, incumbent Republican MrWhiteyIsAwesome was defeated in a primary by House Minority Leader iThinkThereforeIFlam. Democratic Senator Tripplyons18 and Civic state assemblyman CryDefiance. Tripp won with 37.8% of the vote, beating Flam's 31.2% and Cry's 31.0%.

Lieutenant Governor

Incumbent Republican Cstep_4 did not seek re-election. Democratic Representative JohnGRobertsJr won with 49.9% of the vote, defeating Republican Representative The_Hetch's 46.3% and Independent Spacedude2196's 3.8%.


Prior to the election, the assembly was controlled by a Democrat-Civic Labor coalition with JacobInAustin as the Speaker. The Republicans narrowly won the popular vote, beating the Democrats by 4,718 votes, the closest margin of victory nationwide. The assembly was controlled by the Democrats and the Civic Labor Party after the election under speaker SocialistPossum.

Greater Appalachia


Democrat GoogMastr defeated Green incumbent CDocwra and Republican assemblyman BranOfRaisin with 48.4% of the vote. CDocwra's defeat was the only election where an incumbent was defeated.

Lieutenant Governor

Incumbent lieutenant governor Damarius_Maneti defeated Republican Greejatus 63.6%-36.4%.


The Democratic Labor Party (the Democratic Party's affiliate in Greater Appalachia) won a supermajority of five seats, with the Republicans winning two. This was the only elected supermajority of the term.



The Democrats retained their majority in the Fremont assembly. winning 4 out of the 7 seats. The Green Party won 1 seat, with the Republicans winning 2.



Incumbent Civic governor nmtts- declined to seek a second term. State Senator CitizenBarnes defeated Republican Senate Majority Leader DDYT 52.5%-47.5%.

Lieutenant Governor

There was no incumbent Lieutenant Governor. Democratic representative President_Dewey defeated Republican representative based_madi 59.6%-40.4%


The Democrats continued their majority in the State Senate, winning four out of seven seats.