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March 2021 Greater Appalachia Assembly election

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March 2021 Greater Appalachia Assembly election
Flag of Appalachia.png
← November 2020[non-canon] March 24, 2021 June 2021 →

All 7 seats in the Atlantic Assembly
4 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Aaron Schock Official.jpg Jytte Guteland (2014).jpg Gp logo.png
Leader Jaccobei Milaw IvyCactus
Party Democratic Republican Green
Seats before 3 3 0

The March 2021 Dixie Assembly election will take place on March 24th, 2021 as part of the March 2021 United States elections. There is no clear majority, however the incumbent speaker is Jaccobei of the Greater Appalachia Democratic Labor Party (DLP), the affiliate of the Democratic Party in Greater Appalachia. The DLP is challenged by the Greater Appalachian Republican Party, led by assemblywoman Milaw, and IvyCactus, an Independent Green.


Poll source Date(s)
Margin of
Democratic Labor Republican BegomCommunist
Quinnipiac March 13, 2021 2,013 ± 5.0% 74% 26% 0%
Quinnipiac March 15, 2021 1,952 ± 5.0% 74% 26% 0%
Quinnipiac March 17, 2021 3,120 ± 5.0% 69% 31% 0%
Quinnipiac March 19, 2021 4,121 ± 5.0% 71% 28% 0%