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State of Superior
Flag of Superior
Official seal of Superior
Central State; Central; Midwestern; Land of Obama
Anthem: "Home on the Range"
Map of the United States with Superior highlighted
Map of the United States with Superior highlighted
CountryUnited States
Largest cityChicago
Largest metroChicagoland
 • GovernorCharles F. Barnes
 • Lieutenant GovernorPresident_Dewey
 • Chief JusticeHigh-Priest-of-Helix
LegislatureState Senate
U.S. senatorsNazbol909 (D)
U.S. House delegation1: Madk3p (D)
2: Skiboy625 (D)
3: Entrapta12 (D)
4: Confidentit (D)
 • Land952,300 sq mi (2,466,447 km2)
 • Water69,451 sq mi (179,877 km2)
Area rank5th
Highest elevation13,820 ft (4,210 m)
Lowest elevation230 ft (70 m)
 • Total58,287,441
 • Rank3rd
 • Official languageEnglish
 • Spoken languagePrimarily English
Time zoneUTC-06:00 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-05:00 (CDT)
USPS abbreviation
ISO 3166 codeUS-SP
Traditional abbreviationSup.
Base state Illinois
NamesakeLake Superior

Superior (/sʊˈpɪɹ.i.ɚ/), officially the State of Superior, is a state located in the Central region of the United States. With an area over 952,000 square miles, covering much of the Midwest and Great Plains regions, Superior is the second-largest U.S. State by area and the largest by area in the contiguous United States. Superior is bordered to the north by Canada, to the west by Fremont, to the south by Dixie and to the east by Greater Appalachia. Superior is the only landlocked state, but maintains sea access through the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.

Superior has a highly diversified and regionally varied economy, valued at a gross state product of $3.34 trillion, which includes primary, secondary and tertiary sector activities. Superior is well-known for its large agricultural output and the presence of a major manufacturing hub in the Midwest. Chicago, the most populous in the state, is the economic hub of the central United States and the third-largest city in the United States. Other major cities in Superior include the automotive hub of Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Indianapolis. The state capital is Springfield.


Superior is named for Lake Superior, the northernmost and westernmost of the Great Lakes. As the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, Lake Superior is a prominent part of Superior's landscape. The lake borders large parts of Superior, including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, along with the Canadian province of Ontario.

The eponymous lake was named by early French explorers in the 17th century. They named the lake le lac supérieur (the upper lake) in recognition of its location above Lake Huron. The lake's name was formalized as Lake Superior in English after its conquest of the region during the French and Indian War.


First canon (2014-2018)

From 2014 until 2018, the Central State was known as the State of Jefferson.

Second canon (2018-2021)

From 2018, the Central State shared its boundaries with the current State of Superior. It was first named the State of Great Lakes, but became the State of Lincoln in 2019. Lincoln's first governor was El_Chapotato and its last governor was nmtts-.

Politically, Lincoln was known as a blue state and often elected Democratic candidates in state and federal elections. Lincoln voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election. Other parties that have had significant presence in Lincoln included the Socialist Party, which briefly controlled the governorship, and the Civics People's Party, which challenged the Democrats for state control in 2020.

Current canon (2021-)

Superior began the new canon under the leadership of CLP Governor Edward B. Nimitz and a Democrat-majority state senate, with 4 Democratic senators and 3 senators from the Civics Labor Party. Superior adopted its present constitution on February 5, 2021, which officially changed the state assembly to a state senate, and the assemblypersons to senators.

The state cemented its name as State of Superior with the official passage of the Superior Amendment on February 15, 2021. The new flag and seal were then adopted with the passage of the Superior Symbols Amendment on February 21, 2021.



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