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July 2021 Atlantic gubernatorial election

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July 2021 Atlantic gubernatorial election
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  Gary Johnson April 2016 Portrait Black Background.jpg Samueldiggity.jpg Nazbol cropped.png
Nominee _MyHouseIsOnFire_ samd1ggitydog Nazbol909
Party Republican Democratic Socialist Independent
Popular vote 7,822,618 7,123,258 4,782,119
Percentage 39.65% 36.12% 24.24%

Governor before election


Elected Governor


The July 2021 Atlantic gubernatorial election took place on July 14, 2021. Incumbent Governor _MyHouseIsOnFire_ was successfully re-elected, running as a Republican candidate after leaving the Civic Labor Party. He was opposed by Democratic Socialist candidate samd1ggitydog and independent candidate Nazbol909.


July 2021 Atlantic gubernatorial election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican _MyHouseIsOnFire_ 7,822,618 39.65%
Democratic Socialist samd1ggitydog 7,123,258 36.12%
Independent Nazbol909 4,782,119 24.24%
Total votes 19,727,995 100.0%
Republican hold

Results by congressional district

District GOP DSP IND
1st 46.31% 41.89% 11.80%
2nd 29.15% 26.84% 44.01%
3rd 44.30% 40.28% 15.42%

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