General Assembly of Dixie

Dixie General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
JohnGRobertsJr (D)
since March 26, 2021
JacobInAustin (C)
since February 18, 2021
Assembly political groups
Majority (5)
  Democratic (3)
  Civics (1)

Minority (3)

  Republican (2)
Length of term
3 months
AuthorityArticle III, Constitution of the Great State of Dixie
Salary$29,697/year + per diem (Subsistence & Travel)
Assembly last election
February, 2021
(7 seats)
Assembly next election
March 24, 2021
(7 seats)
RedistrictingLegislature control
Meeting place
Dixie State Capitol, Austin
Dixie State Assembly

Leadership of the Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly presides over the Assembly. The Speaker is elected by a majority vote in the Assembly. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker also has the chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation. The runner-up in the Speaker election becomes the minority leader. The majority leader of the Assembly is selected by, and serves, the Speaker.

Civic JacobInAustin of the 7th Assembly District has served as Speaker of the Assembly since February 2021. Speaker Jacob was elected due to a coalition deal between the Democratic and Civics Parties. Republican lily-irl of the 6th Assembly District has served as Assembly Minority Leader since February 2021.

Position Name Party District
Speaker JacobInAustin Civic 7th District
Minority Leader lily-irl Republican 6th District

Assembly Roster

District Name Party Residence First elected
1 Cry Defiance CPP Miami February, 2021
2 alpal2214 DEM Jacksonville February, 2021
3 PoliticoBailey DEM Atlanta March, 2021
4 stormstopper DEM Birmingham February, 2021
5 Winston_Wilhelmus GOP Houston February, 2021
6 lily-irl GOP Dallas February, 2021
7 JacobInAustin CPP Austin February, 2021


According to the state constitution of 2021, this body is to comprise no fewer than 7 members elected for three month terms.

Affiliation Party
(shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Civics Republican Vacant
Beginning of the 1st General Assembly 3 2 2 7 0
Beginning of the 2nd General Assembly 3 1 3 7 0
Latest voting share 57.1% 42.9%


The First Term of the Dixie Assembly began in February 2021, after the formation of the Great State of Dixie and ratification of the Dixie Constitution.